Xiamen Tongan District Mayor Gaorun Chen and his entourage visited Xiamen AiYin for research and study
08 Dec 2023

August 14, Xiamen Tongan District Mayor Gaorun Chen led a team to Xiamen Aiyin Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out visits and research, a detailed understanding of our company's operating conditions and innovation achievements, listening to the demands of enterprises and opinions and suggestions, and promote the solution of the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of enterprises. Our general manager Huajun Dai, vice president of Zijun Lu, Haoyong Lin and other company leaders accompanied the reception of Chen and his entourage.

Chen and his entourage inspected our company's operation situation on the spot and had a discussion with our company's leaders. At the symposium, Mr Dai from the company's business situation, problems and initiatives and the next step in the development of communication, discussion. Chen District Mayor of the enterprise's good momentum of development to congratulate our company for the economic and social development of Tong'an District to make a contribution to the affirmation. He said that the district government attaches great importance to enterprise service work, the relevant government departments should further improve the awareness of active service, strengthen the communication and contact with enterprises, to provide accurate and quality services.

Tongan District Government Office, Xike Street, Huli Industrial Park Management Committee, accompanied by relevant leading comrades to participate in this research.

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